about sriram

Sriram Krishnan is a leading young violinist of Indian classical music.  He hails from an illustrious family steeped in the tradition of classical Indian music. He is the son and disciple of India's preeminent violin virtuoso T. N. Krishnan.


Sriram began his training in music at the age of five under his grandfather A. Narayana Iyer, and subsequently trained with his father. He has been giving public performances since the age of nine.

Sriram's music reflects the profound influence of his family heritage. With a deep-rooted passion for classicism, he strives to preserve the luxurious tonal quality and spectral purity that are hallmarks of his father's style.

In addition to his music Sriram holds a degree in Computer Science, and is a business entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and Chief Technologist at Ingenious Monkey, a software company that builds educational apps for children. He lives with his family in California.